Get Back to Nature in Atchison County, Missouri

There are 115 Counties in the State of Missouri. If you are needing to escape from the city and get back to nature for a while, Atchison County, Missouri is a great place to do it! (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through […]

75 Awesome Facts About Nebraska

Inside: These 75 Facts About Nebraska just might surprise you! 1. As travelers on the Oregon Trail passed through Nebraska, one landmark was mentioned in their journals more than any other. That was the famous “Chimney Rock”. 2. The popular drink “Kool-Aid” was invented in 1927 in Hastings, Nebraska, by Edwin Perkins. No surprise then that it is Nebraska’s “Official […]

How to Start Keto When You Don’t Want to Start Keto

If you are looking for advice on starting a keto diet, read on! How To Start Keto When You Don’t Want to Start Keto So, you’ve figured out that you really should give the Keto diet a shot, but you’re having an attitude about it. If that’s the case, you really aren’t alone. It can be tough to wrap your […]

Some Really Cool Things to Do in Kansas City, Missouri

Known simply as “KC” to the locals or “The City of Fountains” to people who memorize city nicknames, there are all kinds of cool things to do in Kansas City, Missouri. This mid-western city has a vibe of its own, and that vibe says, “FUN!” From jazz music to Kansas City Barbecue to the Chiefs football team to LEGOLAND, there […]