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A Goof and a Loon
A Goof and a Loon in their natural habitat.


I’m Mystic and my husband Jeffrey and I just love to travel, explore, and learn new things. So why not share it all with you?

We’ve actually known each other since 1980 but our paths didn’t truly unite until 2009, when we happened to find each other again. Gotta love the uniting power of the Internet! Since around the end of 2010, we’ve been enjoying life together. He is my “Goof”, and he calls me his “Loon” – hence, the name of our website!

Although we have both lived in many places – and actually met when we both lived in Gallup, New Mexico – we now call Missouri our home. And although this is one of those states that travelers often ignore, we’ve come to realize that there are actually a lot of really wonderful things to see and do here. Not only that, but we are surrounded by eight other states that have many wonderful things to see and do, as well!

Therefore, Missouri travel and midwest travel are the number one focus of our blog. We hope that you will enjoy learning that the midwest has a lot of fun to offer – even if it doesn’t get as much attention as the beaches, mountains, and big-name tourist attractions.

That isn’t our only interest, however. We’ve both lived in many places, and we love to explore anywhere we can manage. We also love cooking, crafting, and other fun activities. And I really enjoy teaching kids, even in small ways, about the world around them. As this blog grows, you will see more and more evidence of all of these things.

So, welcome to our blog! Feel free to slip off your shoes, make yourself at home, and hang out for a little while. And if you’d care to say hello, that’d be great, too!

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