Get Back to Nature in Atchison County, Missouri

There are 115 Counties in the State of Missouri. If you are needing to escape from the city and get back to nature for a while, Atchison County, Missouri is a great place to do it! (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through […]

75 Awesome Facts About Nebraska

Inside: These 75 Facts About Nebraska just might surprise you! 1. As travelers on the Oregon Trail passed through Nebraska, one landmark was mentioned in their journals more than any other. That was the famous “Chimney Rock”. 2. The popular drink “Kool-Aid” was invented in 1927 in Hastings, Nebraska, by Edwin Perkins. No surprise then that it is Nebraska’s “Official […]

My Pedaling Adventure – Building Strength With My Elliptical Pedaling Machine

I am on a journey to regain my health, strength, and fitness after learning I have stage 4 breast cancer. One of the ways I am working on this is by pedaling on an elliptical pedaling machine I purchased through Amazon.

A State Profile of Nebraska

Inside: Enjoy this helpful state profile of Nebraska! A State Profile of Nebraska (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Don’t worry, we’ll do something practical with it like pay bills – or travel.)(Please see our Privacy Policy) Follow […]

Experience the Magic of Christmas in Missouri

Inside: Discover some of the great things going on for Christmas in Missouri! Do you remember when Christmas truly felt like magic? If you are one of the very blessed, Christmas may still feel like magic to you. But for a lot of people, finding the magic of Christmas can be difficult. Between bills, and job insecurities, political strife – […]

Awesome 2019 Missouri Harvest Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss!

Inside: Learn about some of the amazing Missouri Harvest Festivals going on around the state! Did you know that there is an amazing number of Missouri Harvest Festivals each year? We put together this list for 2019 and so far, we have 105 listed. We will be keeping our eyes open for more to add as the Autumn progresses. And […]

9 Epic Kid-Friendly Places in Missouri You Need to Visit

Inside: Check out these great kid-friendly places in Missouri with your kids this summer! Hey Parents! Summer Break is coming! It’s that magical time in the life of every parent when you get to spend every day with your kids all summer long. I repeat: Every. Day. With. Your. Kids. ALL. SUMMER. LONG. Yeah, I can hear you now. “But […]

Yes,You CAN Go Skiing in Missouri

Inside: Learn all about the ski resorts in Missouri. How surprised would you be to find out that there are actually two ski resorts in Missouri? Because frankly, we were kinda shocked. But yup, there are actually two pretty cool ski resorts right here in the Midwest. So if you live in the area or are passing through, read on […]

Addressing the Elephant in the Room – Fodor’s No List 2018

Just as I was beginning to write content for this new site, I learned that Missouri came in at Number 7 on Fodor’s NO LIST 2018. Number 7 out of a total of 10. If you’re wondering why Missouri was given this dubious distinction, you’re not alone. I looked into their reasons why, and this is what I learned. (This […]