Inside: Check out these great kid-friendly places in Missouri with your kids this summer!

Hey Parents! Summer Break is coming!

It’s that magical time in the life of every parent when you get to spend every day with your kids all summer long.

I repeat: Every. Day. With. Your. Kids. ALL. SUMMER. LONG.

Yeah, I can hear you now. “But my kids are angels! I love spending time with them!

But when those Little Angels get bored – and you know they will – they can TURN ON YOU. Especially if you have the audacity to suggest that perhaps they don’t really need to be playing computer games or watching television ALL DAY.

Face it – your chances for surviving the summer will vastly improve if you have a game plan. And if you live in or near the Show-Me state, you need to know about these kid-friendly places in Missouri.

9 Awesome Places to Take Your Kids This Summer in Missouri

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9 Awesome Places to Take Your Kids This Summer in Missouri

Isn’t he cute? He has such a sweet face. But, if you look closely, you can see that glint in his eyes. It’s the one that keeps you on your toes. Keep him busy and engaged, and he will melt you with his smile. Allow him to get bored, and he might just set your kitchen on fire while “experimenting” with the microwave!

If you are in Missouri with kids – Keep Calm and check out these amazing places that you and your kids will love!

1. Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns – 4872 North Farm Road 125, Springfield, MO (417) 833-2010 (Fantastic Caverns)

The stunning and beautiful Fantastic Caverns are America’s only ride-through caves. Although the caves are open all through the year, summer is an especially enjoyable time to visit. After all, Missouri summers can start to feel pretty unbearable when the temperature is in the 90s – and the humidity percentage matches. But inside Fantastic Caverns, the air is a cool and refreshing 60-degrees year round – making this one of the best summertime kid-friendly places in Missouri. All you have to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy the magnificent views all around you.

Finding activities that the whole family can enjoy during the summer can be tricky. But Fantastic Caverns is a great place to visit for people of all ages. With no real walking involved, people of all abilities and ages can participate, including parents of young children. These stunning caves pretty much top the list of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Have you ever dreamed of exploring a cave, but the thought of spelunking terrifies you? Then, Fantastic Caverns is the perfect destination for you. Just be warned, you may find it impossible to visit only once!

Fantastic Caverns was awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2015 by TripAdvisor. Be sure to check their website for special offers and season passes!

2. Silver Dollar City


Silver Dollar City – 399 Silver Dollar City Parkway, Branson, MO (800) 475-9370 (Silver Dollar City)

Silver Dollar City is a theme park like none other. This 1880’s style theme park does feel like taking a step back in time in many ways. But it’s a step back in time that includes rides those 1880’s folks never dreamed of!

Just walking around the park is a marvel. Beautiful and green and filled with flowers, every place you look is like candy for the eyes. There are lots of little stands all around – places where you can buy delicious treats or souvenirs of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. There are amazing smells all around, reminiscent of every county fair you’ve ever enjoyed.

And the sound of music drifts all around – a banjo player here, a barbershop quartet there – and birdsong an ever-present background.

Thrill-seekers need not be bored by all the beautiful and down-home-style fun, however. Because Silver Dollar City is all about the rides! From water rides to roller coasters to rides perfect for your kids, this theme park is ready to deliver.

For more information and down-homePOV Videos, check out this link!

Silver Dollar City is unique and special. It isn’t often you find thrill-ride fun combined with a down-home atmosphere, live shows, amazing food, and even a beautiful cave. But when you do, you want to return again and again. If you are local, be sure to check out their Season Passes!

3. City Museum

City Museum

City Museum – 750 North 16th Street, St. Louis, MO (314) 231-2489 (City Museum)

The City Museum in Saint Louis is one of the most interesting and amazing places you could ever imagine. Not only is it one of the best kid-friendly places in Missouri – it is very adult-friendly, too!

The welcome message identifies this special facility as a place “where imagination runs wild” and they really mean it! Created by sculptor and artist Bob Cassilly, this amazing museum is an eclectic marvel that invites you to explore every single inch.

At first glance, the City Museum appears to be created primarily with children in mind. After all, a lot of it is, literally, a children’s playground with some fun-house elements thrown in. But then you realize that this special place also invites your own inner child to come out to play. The 600,000 square-foot space is a wonderland for the young and old alike!

If you plan a visit to Saint Louis, you owe it to yourself to spend some time at this incredible museum. Be sure to check their website ahead of time so you can read their handy tips to make your visit more enjoyable. You can also purchase your tickets online to save time at the door.

4. National Tiger Sanctuary


National Tiger Sanctuary – 518 State Highway BB, Saddlebrooke, MO (417) 587-3633 (National Tiger Sanctuary)

Missouri may be one of the last places you would ever imagine seeing big cats roaming freely. But the National Tiger Sanctuary is just one of many things about the “Show-Me” state that might surprise you! The National Tiger Sanctuary was started by two big cat enthusiasts with big hearts. Keith Kindade and Judy McGee wanted to change the world, one happy kitty at a time. And they did. Now, in Saddlebrooke, MO, you can see the facility that love built.

The Sanctuary is now home to many lions, tigers, and other exotic animals. They even have a huge Boa Constrictor, an adorable Lemur, and an American Alligator, too. Plus, you’ll meet a number of domestic animals, too.

The National Tiger Sanctuary hosts tours nearly every day. And they love to educate people about these magnificent animals through their wonderful tours. There are a variety of tours available, depending on how much you would like to interact with the animals.

If your kids are animal enthusiasts, be sure to save some time to visit the National Tiger Sanctuary this summer. And they are always appreciative of donations from fellow animal lovers. Those big cats can eat a lot of “Tiger Chow”!

Winner of the 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. Be sure to check out their website when planning your visit so you are up to date with their latest information!

5. Worlds of Fun


Worlds of Fun – 4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue, Kansas City, MO (816) – 454 – 4545 (Worlds of Fun)

Worlds of Fun is a regional amusement park located in Kansas City, Missouri. Themed after the Jules Verne novel, Around the World in 80 days, this awesome theme park offers over 100 rides, shows, and attractions. Whether you are in the mood for a classic thrilling roller coaster like the Timber Wolf or looking to make a big splash in some cool water in order to escape the hot Missouri summer – you will love this Kansas City-based theme park. This is one of the best kid-friendly places in Missouri, especially if your kids are thrill-seekers, too!

But even if your family prefers to take things nice and easy, you’ll find a lot to enjoy at Worlds of Fun. Take a ride on the beautiful and classic Grand Carrousel. Or ride around in a giant swan at Buccaneer Bay. To put it mildly, there are many ways to thrill your senses and escape the heat that every member of your family will love.

Be sure to check their website to keep up with the latest news. And if you live nearby, be sure to check out their Season Passes so you and your kids can return all summer long!

6. Where Pigs Fly Farm & Pigs Aloft Museum


Where Pigs Fly Farm & Pigs Aloft Museum – 2810 Highway 50, Linn, MO (314) 241-3488 (Where Pigs Fly Farm & Aloft Museum)

If your kids love animals – especially dogs and cats and pigs – they will love the Where Pigs Fly Farm & Pigs Aloft Museum. This enjoyable and charming place is the only Pig Museum in America and their exhibits are absolutely adorable. You will be amazed at how many different kinds of pigs they have – from ceramic knick-knacks to hand-made creations. This is the second-largest museum collection of pigs in the world!

But for animal lovers, nothing beats the wonderful Where Pigs Fly Farm. In addition to their adorable pigs, friendly dogs, and sleek kitties, they also have donkeys, horses, Alpacas, and many more wonderful animals. Your kids can truly interact with these wonderful creatures. And they’ll learn more about the world around them in the process.

The Where Pigs Fly Farm is always looking for volunteers, so if you live nearby, this could be a great experience to share with your kids. But even if you just stop by and say hello, this special museum and farm are definitely worth a visit this summer!

7. Kansas City Zoo


Kansas City Zoo – 6800 Zoo Drive, Kansas City, MO (816) 595-1234 (Kansas City Zoo)

If you and your children love animals, one of the best kid-friendly places in Missouri is the beautiful Kansas City Zoo. This amazing zoological garden first opened in December 1909 with a small collection of lions, monkeys, and other assorted animals. Since then, the Kansas City Zoo has continued to build, growing into the amazing place that it is today. In 2008, it earned the title of “America’s Best Zoos 2008” as one of the 60 best zoos in the United States. Activist Jane Goodall complimented the Kansas City Zoo, saying that it has “one of the finest chimpanzee exhibits in North America.

The Kansas City Zoo has all kinds of cool “extras” to offer, too. You don’t just walk around looking at animals here, although you can certainly do that. But you can also watch a Sea Lions in their own show, as well as other animal shows offered daily. There are chats with zookeepers each day, elephant painting demonstrations and a Safari boat ride where you can see giraffes and zebras and other awesome animals. You can even plan your birthday party, wedding, and other wonderful events, surrounded by all your favorite animals!

Taking your kids to the zoo is also a great way to teach them about animals and the world around us. It is important for us all to do our part to take care of the world and the animals we share it with, and the Kansas City Zoo makes it fun to learn it all. Be sure to check their website for information, animal webcams, and more. You can even buy your tickets online to save yourself time when you arrive. After all, the animals are waiting for you!

8. Caveman Zipline at Meramec Caverns


Caveman Zipline at Meramec Caverns – 1135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO (573) 468-9477 (Caveman Zipline at Meramec Caverns)

Although most people know Missouri as the “Show-Me” state, it is also the Cave State. And with good reason. The state of Missouri has over 6,400 known caves and the stunning Meramec Caverns is one of the most famous. Located only an hour from Saint Louis, chances are that if you live in the area, you and your family have already visited these beautiful caves at some point. But did you know about the zip line? Of all the kid-friendly places in Missouri, this may be the most exciting.

Do you have thrill-seekers in your family who give caves a bit of a yawn? If so, the Caveman Zipline at Meramec Caverns might be just the thing to get their attention. Riding the zip line offers up all the thrills as you and your family soar through the treetops and across the river on a ninety-minute adventure you will remember forever.

Be sure to check out their website and read their FAQ and safety requirements. The good people at Caveman Zipline give you an authentic and thrilling experience, and with that comes some possible dangers. But that’s part of the fun, right?

Sometimes summer can feel long and boring. Shake things up with a trip to Caveman Zipline at Meramec Caverns and leave the boredom behind!

9. Breakout Games Escape Rooms


Breakout Games Escape Rooms – 14523 Manchester Rd., St. Louis, MO (636-200-5751 (Breakout Games Escape Rooms)

Do you have a secret sleuth in the family? Or are you anxious to get your web game-loving child out into the real world for a while? If so, the Breakout Games Escape Rooms in St. Louis might just be the perfect place for you! There are several scenarios to choose from. Each gives you all a chance to completely immerse yourself in solving a mystery to escape!

Breakout Games Escape Rooms are a fun place to take your family. It’s also a wonderful location for birthday parties or other gatherings if you live in the area. Be sure to book your escape room in advance through their website. That way, they’ll be ready for you when you arrive!

If you are looking for some great kid-friendly places in Missouri to hang out with your kids this summer, these 9 awesome places are a great start! Which do you think your kids would want to see first?

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