Looking over the handlebars at the trail before me

I am on a journey to regain my health, strength, and fitness after learning I have stage 4 breast cancer. One of the ways I am working on this is by pedaling on an elliptical pedaling machine I purchased through Amazon.

I am tracking my miles as I pedal each day. To make it more fun, I have decided to set destinations, and write about some of the things I can see and do when I get to each place. My current destination is Omaha, Nebraska. It is 175 miles from my most recent destination of Kansas City, MO, where I “arrived” on July 13, 2021. As of tonight, July 23, 2021, I am 165 miles from Omaha, Nebraska, and 30 miles from my first stop of St. Joseph, MO.

As I reach each destination, I will choose a new location and update this list. I also have a trip diary to keep a record of my “travels”. I hope you will enjoy tracking my elliptical pedaling machine progress as I pedal my way from place to place and build my strength!

Thank you for being here!

My past destinations:

Boonville, MO

Kansas City, MO.

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