July 23

I didn’t mean to let a month go by before updating this. Time flies.

I recently reached Kansas City, MO with a whisper rather than a bang. I have been so buried in work stuff and house stuff and sleep stuff here at home that I just haven’t had the time to update in here the way I would have liked. I also was not giving myself time to pedal – and that is not okay. My body definitely notices when I don’t pedal. And I’ve been doing so good – getting so much stronger, etc. I need to get disciplined and careful about this thing again.

But yes, I arrived in Kansas City and rode around checking the place out. There is so much fun stuff to do in KC, even in the age of Covid. And some people who are dear to me live there, as well.

And now I am off to my next destination of Omaha, Nebraska. Along the way, we’ll talk about some Missouri locations as I pass through, and then I’ll do my best to tell you what is so cool about Omaha and the state of Nebraska. And we can just mutually ignore the irony that while I’m talking about Nebraska, I’ll actually be traveling through Iowa a large part of the time. But we will talk all about Iowa later on – after I reach Omaha. Until then, happy travels!

June 23

I had a series of doctor appointments on Monday, the 21st and it kind of disheartened me a bit. Temporarily.

Prior to that, I have been on a roll. I have found myself very inspired. I’ve been working hard to earn money and take care of business. I’ve been pushing myself to “up” my writing game – expecting more from myself on client work and making time for my own personal goals, as well. It feels really good to take myself seriously and to open up to the possibilities. And I continue to work hard at building strength so I will feel closer to getting to my feet. I’ve actually been so busy working on pushing myself forward that I forgot to make time to keep up with this diary. I will try to get better about that.

Anyway, today was a good day of pushing forward on work and pedaling. I am now less than 50 miles from my current destination and I’m starting to dream about some of the things I can do when I get to Kansas City. I’ll have to get busy with an article telling you about some of my dream destinations!


Mid May 2021

I have decided to do some “traveling” from my own home, using my elliptical pedaling machine. I am on a quest to build strength, lose weight, and get back on my feet.

This is a daunting task. I am very overweight and have been for a long time. I’ve always been overweight, really. But in my younger years, I was also much stronger. I walked, hiked, rode a bike, and worked at jobs that kept me on my feet and physically active. Unfortunately, over the years things changed. And for the last few years, I haven’t been able to walk far enough to even walk around the average store.

In July 2020, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Because cancer had metastasized to my spine, hips, and sacrum (plus a tumor in my brain that was surgically removed), I was not allowed to put weight on my right leg, leaving me bedridden for four months. Unfortunately, my right leg was my strong one. My left leg is a regular source of pain and weakness. My left knee has been a problem most of my life (for which I wore a knee brace for over 10 years) and my left hip is often out of place and painful as well.

Getting to my feet and walking again requires that I lose weight (so my weak joints won’t be so stressed) and build strength. Pedaling on the elliptical trainer is one of a few ways I am working on these goals. And My Pedaling Adventure is designed to keep it fun.

I am hoping that this diary will be another part of the fun. Semi-factual and semi-fictional, I plan to keep a record of my “travels”.

And away we go!

My Pedaling Adventure Trip Diary

May 2021

May 29, 2021 – My next goal destination is Kansas City, Missouri, which is 100 miles from Boonville. Along the way, there are some smaller locations we can explore together as I reach them. But my ultimate focus is reaching Kansas City. There are some cool things I would like to see when I get there – like Union Station and the Kansas City Zoo – and I plan to discover all I can about this city where I have never been.

I didn’t pedal yesterday. I had to focus on making some money to buy some food – and that’s what I’ve done most of the day today, too. But I’m getting ready to do some pedaling now and am curious how far I will get.

Later – Okay, I pedaled 4 miles. Pretty good considering how my knee is feeling right now, and the fact that bedtime is not too far away. So, as of now, I am 96 miles away from Kansas City. And I’m 11 miles away from where 1-70 crosses the Lamine River. One small milestone on a long trip.


May 27, 2021 – I am now 6 miles from my first destination – Boonville, MO. I have figured out a few things I’d like to do when I get there. And I’m enjoying the pretty springtime green of the land around me. We’ve had a lot of thunderstorms recently, and this morning, I’m hearing lots of booming. It is my son’s birthday today – so to me, it sounds like the sky is celebrating along with my heart!

Later – Same Day – I arrived in Boonville a little while ago. It’s a pretty little town and I like it. I’ll have to hurry and do my Five Things pretty quickly since I plan to set a new destination goal tomorrow. But for now, here are three pretty pictures of places in Boonville to mark my arrival!


A picture of Main Street in Boonville, Missouri
Boonville Main Street by Paul Sableman


The Historic New York Store Building
The Historic New York Store Building by Publichall


Old Cooper County Jail
Old Cooper County Jail by Onasill Bill License Info: Creative Commons

Little Victories!

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