Inside: Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff is low carb and keto friendly – perfect for potlucks!

Most days, I love eating Keto. I enjoy meat and vegetables and bacon (which is meat flavored with happiness.) I love how much better I feel and how much more stable my energy is. Most days, I don’t even miss bread all that much.

Summer potlucks, however, are one huge exception.

To put it frankly, when it comes to keto-ing – they kind of suck.

Now, some potluck food is okay. After all, there is usually a grill going with burgers, hot dogs, and other delicious meats. As long as someone isn’t slathering bbq sauce all over everything, you’re probably good to go there.

But if you’re like me, it’s the side dishes that get you. They lay in wait on the table like pretty little predators, waiting to trip you up with hidden sugars and starches.

Don’t I look delicious?” they query.

They make promises to you – like the potato salad that swears that it won’t taste exactly like grandma’s used to taste . . . but still . . . damned close.

And some foods just seem to rudely taunt you – especially during quintessential American celebrations like Fourth of July and Memorial Day. Fresh buttery corn-on-the-cob and Strawberry Shortcake are two of the worst. They sit there looking at you accusatorially as if your refusal to eat them makes you less American or something.

And sure, you may just sit there behaving – doing your best to look happy while gnawing on a couple of plain grilled hot dogs, some deviled eggs, and two dill pickle spears. But still, it kinda sucks.

That’s why you need this Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff in your life. Straight up – it’s a potluck game changer.

The Best Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff For Patriotic Potlucks

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Summer Berry Jello Fluff Dessert in a Large Serving Bowl

This Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff is sweet, creamy, fluffy, and bursting with fresh strawberries and blueberries. At 10 carbs per one-cup-serving, it’s a little high for everyday enjoyment. However, if you are looking for a festive dish you can take to a summer potluck, this is a good one.

It’s so yummy, no one will think of it as “diet food”. And you won’t feel a bit deprived when you enjoy a nice helping along with your other keto-friendly finds. For me, this Jello dish is so satisfying, the other dishes stop feeling like such a temptation. And even if you go over your carb count for the day, this Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff is high in fat and will make it easier to stay in – or at least quickly return to – ketosis.

It All Starts With Strawberries

Chopping Strawberries on a Cutting Board

You need two cups of strawberries for your dessert. And since this recipe makes approximately 14 cups of fluff, I decided to chop the strawberries up very small. I wanted there to be a good opportunity for fruit in each bite.

Chopped Strawberries in a Bowl

Blueberries in a Bowl

I measured out two cups of blueberries, too. Then I set the fruit aside.

Make the Strawberry Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese and Strawberry Sugar Free Jello Whipped Together

Mix together two packages (8 servings each) of sugar-free Jello Strawberry Gelatin and two 24-ounce containers of full-fat cottage cheese. (Low fat has 6 carbs per serving – full fat has 5!) I just mixed it up with a spoon. Super easy. Also, rather too sweet at this point – so taste it at your own risk.

Make the “Fluff”

Fresh Whipped Cream and Cream Cheese

Next, I got out the electric hand-held mixer. I whipped up one eight-ounce package of cream cheese with two cups of heavy whipping cream and 1/4 tsp. of Xanthum Gum (to stabilize it a bit).

Note: I originally planned to sweeten the fluff with Swerve Confectioners Sweetener, and I have no doubt that it would be delicious. However, since the strawberry cottage cheese was SO sweet already, I chose not to add additional sweetener. Your tastes, of course, may vary.

Sweet or not, this whips up so creamy and delicious. Best of all . . .


Fold in the Fruit

Strawberries and Blueberries Folded into Thick Freshly Whipped Cream

The next step in creating your Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff is to fold the fruit into the fluff. I loved doing this. And personally, I’m strongly contemplating making this part of the recipe again – with the addition of a bit of Swerve Confectioners Sweetener – and seeing how this would taste if I froze it in molds for fat bombs. Tempting. Very tempting.

Finish Assembling Your Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff

Summer Berry Jello Fluff Dessert in a Large Serving Bowl

At this point, I folded the strawberry cottage cheese into the whipped fruit-filled fluff. I was hoping that it would turn out a little stripey, but not so much. Still, I thought it turned out kind of pretty. I garnished it with a few bits of fruit I’d saved aside.

A Silicone Spatula Covered in Summertime Berry Jello Fluff in a Bowl with Blueberries and Chopped Strawberries
I totally wanted to lick that spatula clean. Therefore, I did.

No More Feeling Deprived at Potlucks

Summertime Berry Jello Fluff in a Silver Bowl

With this fresh and fruit Sugar-Free Berry Jello Fluff around, you’ll know there is something scrumptious and festive for you to enjoy at any summer potluck you attend. You may even feel as if you are getting away with something. And that truly is a cause for celebration!

Summer Berry Jello Fluff Dessert in a Large Serving Bowl

Summer Berry Jello Fluff Dessert in a Large Serving Bowl

Summer Berry Jello Fluff Dessert in a Large Serving Bowl


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